Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Book Club Follow-Up

This was by far the most popular book club we have had. We had 120 educators make over 1400 comments to the blog posts and, even more importantly, to other participants' comments! Great job! Hopefully you all have found a few ways to get and stay connected this school year.

I sent out PGPs yesterday to everyone who participated in at least 5 weeks' conversations. That email would have come from carnahan@doe.in.gov. I was not able to locate everyone's email address, so if you did not receive a message and participated in 5 or more weeks' discussions, please email Meri at carnahan@doe.in.gov.

Congratulations to Kathryn Evans from Chesterton Middle School who is the recipient of the $1000 professional development mini grant. Another grant will be awarded to a participant of the fall book club.

If you missed the announcement last week, we will be reading Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom by Indiana educator Matt Miller. The digital and paperback versions of this book can be purchased from Amazon. If you have a group of participants at your school or district of more than 5 people and are interested in purchasing paperback books in bulk, please contact Shelley Burgess at daveburgessconsulting@gmail.com. Our fall book club will kick off on Monday, September 7th.

Monday, August 3, 2015

What Connected Educators Do Differently Week 10: Conclusion

It's hard to believe that our 10-week summer book club is ending. Some of you started school last week, many start this week, and others have an additional week to get ready. As you're starting your school year, what are you taking away from this reading and our discussions that you will use in your classroom? How will you be more connected or maintain your connectedness?

Don't forget to catch up on your reading and commenting this week. In order to receive 10 PGPs and be eligible for the $1000 professional development grant, you must have commented to all 10 week's blog posts by this Friday, August 7th, at 5:00pm Eastern. Also, be sure your introduction from the first week includes your school so that I can locate your email address.

Thank you to the book club participants who were able to participate the #INeLearn Twitter chat this past Thursday and a big shout out to Chantell Manahan who co-moderated the chat. It really was a great conversation! If you were unable to participate, be sure to check out the archive here. Check out the #INeLearn Chat blog to get more information about the chat, including other chat archives and upcoming topics.

With this book club winding down, I wanted to let you know that we are ready to announce our fall book club selection. We will be reading Ditch That Textbook by Indiana educator Matt Miller. More details coming soon.