Monday, July 28, 2014

Thrive Book Club Updates

It has been a record-breaking book club. We had 133 people post over 900 comments! There have been some great connections made. Feel free to share your Twitter handles here, follow each other, use the #INeLearn hashtag, and continue to communicate with and support each other there. Also, if you are an eLearning coach, please join our eLearning Coach Community. If your school is currently a Google school or you are moving that way, you might want to join the Indiana Google Educator Group. And if you're looking for support with the new standards, there are over 50 Communities of Practice that you can join.

Over the next few days I will be pouring through the comments and sending out PGP documentation to participants. The winners of the professional development grants will also be selected. And we will be announcing our fall book club selection. Stay tuned for all of this information.


  1. @GaylePi
    Math Teacher at Bishop Chatard High School, teaching Honors Geometry, Probability/Statistics, and AP Statistics

  2. Have the PGP's been sent? I haven't received anything yet.

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