Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Kindle Version of Invent to Learn

Do you know someone who would like to join the book club, but doesn't have a copy of Invent to Learn? Today is their lucky day. In honor of  the birthdays of Thomas Edison, Jules Verne, and and Charles Darwin, today only you can download the Kindle version of Invent to Learn for free. Check out this site for details.


  1. I have a teacher that is interested in joining and getting PGP points, but would like to join the book club later this month due to coaching responsibilities. Is this an option? How are the PGP points earned in the book club and how many can be earned? I appreciate any information you can give me to pass along! Thank you!

  2. Joining later is better than not joining at all! :) We will award 15 PGPs to those who participate in discussions every week of the book club and 10 PGPs to individuals who miss one or two week's discussions. These comments do not have to be made during the week that the question was posted, you can catch up later in the session.