Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall 2013 Book Club Selection

Ahoy Matey! Put on your eye patch and set course with the Office of eLearning as we navigate the high seas of instruction for this fall’s online book group! Our book choice, Teach Like A PIRATE (Amazon and Barnes and Noble) by Dave Burgess, focuses on increasing student engagement while transforming your life as an educator! We will begin this learning adventure on September 16th so be sure you have a copy of the book and visit our eLearning Book club blog. We will post a discussion question or thought each week to spark the online conversation among participants. This is a great way to learn together and meet fellow educators. Don’t miss the boat on this great opportunity. Click on Join this site now to get connected.


  1. Great choice! I've got my copy already. There have been several other chats on the book already-- do a twitter search for #tlap Dave Burgess has been very involved in some of them as well. Is it a coincidence we're starting right before Talk Like a Pirate Day? (Sept 19)

  2. Great choice! I just finished reading it the first time and I'm ready to dig back in to find more treasures and nuggets of knowledge.

  3. I am looking forward to this book or at least I was (read on). I find that in the first part of his book I am a "freak" for I love everything I do in my field. What I don't like is the paper work from the administration. Very interesting title. This book should be great. Sorry to say but I also enjoy "pi". Oh the fun we can have. I am always looking for many more ideas. Since reading that first chapter I have analyzed each day looking for something that I am not passionate about, still looking.