Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chapter 9: Closing Thoughts

After reading this book, did you start this school year any differently? In closing, feel free to share any final thoughts on the book or your plans to implement the habitudes into your classroom.

This is the end of another wonderful book club. Thank you all so much for participating. Please be sure to submit all of our blog post comments by the end of the day Friday, August 23rd. Early next week we will select and notify winners of a trip to the ICE conference from those who participated in every week (posts for chapters 1-8) of the discussion. 

In the next few days we will be sharing information about our fall book group here, on our website, and through social media. Hope to see you all back here in a few weeks!


  1. I'd like to think I've started out a little more passionately. I will soon have a new "MediaPlex" that will afford so many opportunities for students and staff. I really don't know what all the year will bring. I have heard Angela speak before, and have been in webinars where she discusses her "you matter" ideas. http://www.angelamaiers.com/2013/05/the-science-behind-you-matter.html

    The experiences I has this summer at many of the Summer of eLearning events, ISTE, edcamp, GoogleEduCon, Lilly's ETCW and more make a big difference. Being connected to so many others who are passionate about teaching and learning has a lasting effect. Thanks for providing yet another opportunity to do this.

  2. After reading the book I have set up blogs for my general music students to write on questions and discussions that we have around Habitudes. It has been difficult to add it in. I forget about all the drills, the fund raiser that starts, all the little disruptions that keep us from doing anything extra. However, I have a software program my general music students use on Fridays so I am having them stop early so we can discuss and blog. Out of order, we are starting with our Passions.

  3. I would like to think I have started off the year with more grit...I am in a totally new position that challenges me every day. I was really...I don't know...comfortable in my teaching. What I did in the classroom engaged kids, helped prepare them for whatever they wanted to do next, and made me proud of them every day. I won't say it was easy, but I would like to think I was pretty good in my classroom. Now, I am not so comfortable...but I know I can persevere and through grit learn all that is part of my new job. I have seen great learning occurring over my years in the classroom and again this summer...a true summer of learning that makes me proud to be an educator in the Hoosier state! Thanks to one and all!

  4. I have a new class to teach and the "Habitudes" will be a nice piece to include in the class. The examples in the book were good and something that will give me a good starting point.

    First day with students is tomorrow!

  5. I think I have already started my year of differently. I think I am looking at maybe trying to personalize my teaching more. I also think that I am recognizing and pointing out these habitudes more often.
    The thing that really hit me with this book actually happened when I was with my husband at his company's annual conference. We were listening to a motivational speaker that talks to large corporations about to make the companies more successful. Many of the habitudes were qualities that the groups came up with as wanting to work for and with someone. It was an "ah-hah!" moment for me. Great book, loved it and passed it on!

  6. First, I wish I had bought the book instead of making myself be a more elearner and reading the book on Kindle. Hopefully, I can print some parts of this book that will be extremely helpful in writing IEP's, especially in the areas of the student's strengths.

    This chapter checked me personally on the phrase, "Hello, my name is Kerri and I teach............my automatic reply is special education, intense or severe." Now, I realize, just like most of you, "I teach students." Like I wish I had a V8..........!!!! Changing my response is important as wanting our students to be more inclusive, taking part someway in the general education experience.

    Where my current teaching experience and the students I serve maybe different than most, is almost all my students have the characteristics of elementary students. They enter the classroom excited, inquisitive, and curious. Where I see the greatest student growth are in the areas of curiosity, being inquisitive, and being able to risk.

    I reread the author's viewpoint on how to equip our students for future success. I believe the words reframe and refine define all of you that participated in this summer learning experience. Reading your comments each week kept me focused on what I like best about being a teacher. Have a super school year. Your students will be blessed as they experience your positive "Habitudes".

  7. Yes, I started the year off differently. First, I launched my professional blog and ironically, my first post included Habitudes. I found myself reflecting and writing about the difference between curiosity and necessity when it comes to my own learning. The Habitudes discussed in the book are not for "students" only!

    Additionally, I've already outlined my ideas on how I will incorporate many of the lessons outlined throughout the book. As we begin our year constructing ePortfolios, lessons on curiosity and self-awareness are pivotal habitudes in reflecting on thinking and learning.

    This was a great selection for a summer book read. It motivated my thinking for a new year- !

  8. I would say that I started the school year teaching with more passion and "grit" as Ted said in his post. I already taught with passion but I feel that I stepped up my game this year

    With the classes that I teach it is so easy to bring in the Habitudes lessons and I know that I will be bringing several of them in to my classroom this school year.

    Thank you for sharing an amazing book with all of us!

  9. I can say that I started the year off knowing that I would be teaching some of these lessons with my students. I know that it will really make a difference for the group of third graders that I have. We will use the habitude lessons to focus on the skills that we need to develop as learners. We will use our daily time in the classroom to polish these skills.

    Thank you so much for hosting this book study with us!

  10. I have started the year off with teaching the Habitudes to my class and I am looking forward to seeing their responses when we talk more about each of the Habitudes. I am also looking forward to sharing the book with the other teachers.

    Thank you for having this book be part of the Elearning Book Club. I have enjoyed the questions and participating with everyone.