Monday, June 25, 2012

Students and Technology

We talked last week about changes to the teaching and environment in this one-to-one pencil classroom. This week let's talk a bit about the students in a one-to-one classroom. Tom seems to have quite a bit of respect for his students and, in turn, it seems like his students are very resonsible in working with this new learning environment, too. How have you seen your students adapt to the addition of technology into your schools or classrooms, whether it's a one-to-one situation or just a few computer classroom or trips to the computer lab? Do you see your students taking reaponsibilty for their technology like the students do in chapter 5 (in respect to the plog) and chapter 2 (in respect to public and private property)?


  1. When my students are in the computer lab I'd say for the most part they are responsible with technology. I think it all comes from the way a teacher treats his/her students and in turn you reap what you sow. Tom isn't afraid to try new things and he is honest with his kids about their new adventure with pencils.
    Another important aspect is a meaningful lesson/assignment. Tom challenges his students and he deomnstrates good discourse with his students. His students pose questions to him that show their respect for him and the topic on hand.

  2. Suzy hit the target when she said that the key was the way the teachers treated the students. As with any other instruction, student responsible use of technology will reflect teacher expectations. When teachers bring students to the computer lab with specific instructions, most students work deligently to meet those expectations. Students with vague or nonspecific direction trends to go off task more frequently and to get less done. Whether it is a computer lab, a one-to-one classroom or just a simple assigment, teacher expectation does much to drive most student effort and lesson outcome.

  3. When I am in lab with a machine per student or in the classroom where I have the use of 10 portables, the students take repsonsiblity for helping those who cannot manage to understand the software. When I introduced the use of a blog, only aoubt 20 of my 300 students had ever blogged. All were eager to do it. The assignment was meant to be completed at home or in labs when the students had extra time. Those who did not have access completed blogs in my classroom. They were eager and willing to work on these assignments. As a matter of fact, when I missed posting a new blog students let me know. Students helped one another.

    Any time I introduce a new assignment, instructions to move through the assignment with the technology is always given. Some students take off and accept their responsibility for completing and those same students are always helping others who do not understand. Students are also accepting the responsibility for asking when they don't in the blogs. Someone is always ready to help and class goes on.